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Second-Hand Vision


Artist book (proof). 212 Pages.

What will we leave our descendants to remember us by?
What have our ancestors left us?
What is our responsibility to the history of those who came before us?
What are the rituals and memorials that surround history-making?
How is memory recalled and reconstructed?
Is identity constructed or performed?
What stories get told? What storiesc an get told?
What is too painful to remember?
Is it possible to share experience with someone who was not there?
How do we forge connections with times past and future?
Is there a purpose to separating past, present, and future?
Are we afraid of death?
Are we terrified of being forgotten? Erased?
Are we still bound by time and space?
What shapes popular cultural memory and consciousness?
Is memory inherently political?
Does each of us live with a portable memory bank of images?
Is it individual? Collective? Neither?
How do we claim land, and stake our culture on it?
Will our land remember us?
What will be left when we are scarcely more than bone?

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