The Age of Instagram Face


Instagram wants you to have a single cyborgian face. It's all yours. Based on "The Age of Instagram" by Jia Tolentino, for the New Yorker.

Art on the Underground


"Impossible ducks, futuristic trees, vermillion grass and such like absurdities!" Such was the complaint of one advertiser about the London Underground's new use of modern art on tube posters. Dive into the strange history of when art first entered this space, and how it has influenced the contemporary commissions and social campaigns in the decades since.

Tale of Two Mothers


When Jamie Diamond bought a discarded German family photo album from 1938, she did not expect to make art with it. But upon bringing a child into Trump's America, she began to notice uncanny parallels, and set out to recreate the original snapshots with her own son, collapsing space and time, merging pixels with the grain.

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