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eric valosin:

season 1

Sam is a pro’s pro. He came in to my studio relatively early in his career, but you’d never have known it. He had the confidence and vision of a seasoned veteran. Geared to the hilt, he set up mics and cameras and began shooting B-Roll, and in no time we were comfortably chatting about my artwork. As we talked he made notes of extra footage to capture as examples of what we spoke about, and also spliced in some footage and photos I sent him. My light based artwork is particularly hard to document, and he handled it with ease. 


He had a clear sense of direction but was still very flexible. I remember joking with him saying that I felt like I was all over the place and wish I sounded more coherent. He replied not to worry; that was his job, and that was the fun part. Sure enough, his final edit was astoundingly cohesive, and admittedly made me seem much more profound than I thought possible. I’ve used the video in promotional materials ever since. 


There are plenty of photographers and videographers who get the job done, but Sam is one of those rare few that has a spark of something extra. He was a pleasure to work with, deeply committed and interested in his subjects, and quickly produced results far exceeding his years of experience. 

I love how you have it worked out....distant camera, close-up camera.  Angles, interview.  Important statements, playful moments.  You're often in the audience's seat, considering what they will really want to learn.  But this is done without catering to a style or placating the viewer...... you trust your positive response to the work, you seem to sense that the audience will see what you see.

And during the filming, I have no idea of where you're going.... but there is a sensation that wherever it is will be wonderful.

When I saw the rough cut, & the final piece, I was astonished, yet not actually surprised....  I knew it would be incredible.

: lesley schiff

season 2

Sam's video work is a treat, both for the subject and the audience. I was lucky enough to connect with Sam at a critical time, during an outdoor installation that had to be prematurely dismantled under tight time constraints.  Within 24 hours of making contact with him, Sam was not only instantly prepared to shoot an unscripted situation, but to craft a clear narrative that gave context to the logistical choreography I was immersed in as the artist.  He understood that he needed a wide range of footage and audio, both directed and candid, to build a positive story out of a negative turn of events. His professionalism allowed me to tend to my role as an artist, fully confident that his role as a creative recorder would allow my artwork to reach an audience long after de-installation, and to capture the spirit of the artwork and my experience with it in a truly comprehensive and captivating manner.  Working with Sam felt like an effortless, and joyful, collaboration.

kate dodd:

season 1

Working with Sam on this video series was a genuine pleasure. Sam is highly engaged and thoughtful filmmaker who brought a keen intellect along with his many skills to these projects. I was particularly impressed with his ability to understand the narrative arc of my work, and then to make a film that imparts that narrative in a compelling way. Working with him is easy. He had knowledge of my artwork coming into the studio, and listened carefully to my concerns. After looking at the work in the studio and talking about our ideas, he clearly knew how he wanted to proceed. We had fun during the filming and he was open to new ideas as they came up during the process. Throughout the project I had ample opportunity for input, and he was responsive to my thoughts. The resulting films respond directly to my work and ideas, and bring the viewer into my world in a meaningful way.

:tom nussbaum

season 1

It was such a great opportunity to participate in this artist video series. Sam was really easy to work with. I was nervous to be on camera, but he turned it into a very positive experience. Now I have a professional video highlighting my work to share with my followers and community

missy graff-ballone:

season 1

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